DOKA shares krea[K]tiv-Musiktheater stands up video contribution and joins the appeal


Mission and goals

We are in constant exchange with our partners at theatres, orchestras and festivals, with other agency and artists' associations at a national and international level, as well as with institutions such as the German Stage Association, the German GDBA and Opera Europa.

We are currently working on many currently pressing issues, for example:

● Improvement of model contracts and industry-wide acceptance of regulations that acknowledges the artists' preparation in advance for projects and entitles them to compensation payments in the event of cancellations through no fault of their own.

● Clarification and standardisation of the status of guest artists under labour and social security law.

● Usage and recognition of artists' media and personal rights in connection with streaming and digital distribution of opera performances and concerts.

● Standardisation and safeguarding of quality standards for agency work.